Yoga in the workplace

We all know that our minds can't work for 8 hours a day efficiently and to the best of our ability. This long work day needs to be broken up. Some people choose coffee breaks, others choose Facebook and Instagram, others choose searching the web to plan their next holiday. What you really need, is yoga. 

Corporate yoga classes provide a great opportunity during your busy work day for you to move your body and relax your mind. 

Yoga is said to:

  • decrease stress

  • increase motivation

  • induce decision making ability

  • boost productivity

  • promote creativity and learning capacity

  • improve health, both physically and mentally

  • build team spirit and motivation

  • create a happier workplace

WELLNESS SPACE offers bespoke yoga classes for a variety of organisations. Our classes are designed with your employees in mind, in order to give them what they truly need. We offer all classes for mixed abilities, with each class also focusing on breathing exercises, mediation and mindfulness. 

Whether it's just a one-off yoga class, a weekly session or a 30 day work-place challenge you're after, we can accommodate your needs.


We can teach a range of yoga styles. If you are unsure of what type of yoga best suits your workplace, we can come in and figure it out for you. 

Classes can be taught specifically to one ability (i.e. beginners, intermediates or advanced) or for a mixed ability class. 


You can either come to us at one of the WELLNESS SPACE studios, or we can come to you. We are happy to teach corporate classes anywhere in the Newcastle, Sunderland or Durham area*. The idea of corporate yoga is to provide an opportunity for employees to take a break from their work to move, relax and rejuvenate. After this, they are ready to work more productively and efficiently. When time is of the essence, this works best when the yoga is located on site.

*Please note the prices may alter slightly depending on your exact location in the North East. 


Please contact us for prices.