WHAT iS ‘freestyle’?

Freestyle is a one hour class where you are given the chance to practice your own yoga in our space.
The class is self-lead, which means that what you do in the 60 minutes is completely up to you. One of our teachers will be there to adjust, help and give advice on any poses you are currently working on. However, teachers are not there to cue a sequence or lead you through a class. A small cheat sheet is available if you need.


As the class is self-lead, everyone in the room will be doing something different. One person may be doing Gentle Yoga, while another is doing Vinyasa Flow; while one person may be meditating, another may be working on their hamstrings. Our freestyle classes are open to anyone of any ability - with a maximum of 12 people per class. The class is great for anyone who wants to learn how to practice yoga alone, or for anyone who needs extra time and tips on certain poses.


Freestyle yoga sessions aren’t included in our class passes and memberships. You will be charged £5pp upon booking.