Things are about to get really good 


EVERYONE had their first yoga class at some point. Even those flexible yogis on Instagram who can put their legs behind their head (ergh jealous). The fact that you are even thinking about trying your first yoga class is one step closer to greatness! As well as doing wonders for your mind, yoga can drastically increase your strength and flexibility. 

One piece of advice I would give to anyone interested in yoga, is to try it 10 times before you make a judgement. Why? Because it took me about 5 tries to like steak and 20 tries to like red wine, and now I live for the two of them. Doing yoga is like watching Netflix (stay with me here). Not everyone likes Netflix because some people don’t even like watching TV. Those who like watching TV don’t all like Game of Thrones. They may prefer Gossip Girl instead. What I’m trying to say is that EVERY style of yoga is so different, you can’t possibly simply call them all… yoga. Check out the class descriptions of what we offer here. If you can, try them all.


Here are some tips for your first yoga class.


Before class:

  • Don't eat before practising. I usually leave two hours between a meal before I practise. Eat as much as you want after class that’s up to you.

  • Traditionally you don't drink water while you practice yoga so drink plenty before hand. Saying that, if you need water, drink water. We respect your choices.

  • Wear comfortable clothing. I like to wear leggings and a tight top so the top doesn't move much when I go upside down. Whatever you wear, make sure you're not having to lift, pull or untwist it every few seconds. Guys, feel free to go topless. We don’t judge ANYONE here (only those that don’t do yoga - joking).

  • Tie your hair back. The last thing you want is hair stuck to your sweaty face. A plait or a bun is what I prefer so my long hair doesn't flick into my eye balls. 

  • Smells are distracting. I don't just mean have a shower. I mean, don't have a cigarette just before class because the smell will follow you into the room. And also don't be wearing half a bottle of perfume. Save that for after.  

  • No one likes that person who arrives late when everyone is just getting into the zone. You will ruin their relaxing state of mind. 10 minutes before the start of class is usually the right time to get there. 

  • Take off your shoes and socks before you enter the room you're practicing in. Yoga is done barefoot. If you have gross feet, get over it. No one is looking and no one cares. 

  • Bring your own mat if you have one. But no problem if not. You can use our mats free of charge. We have really good ones too. 

  • If your hate sweat dripping from your face, bring a towel. 

  • Don't bring your kitchen sink with you into the yoga room. If you have a bag, keys or a phone, leave it either in the changing room or in the corner of the studio. Out of sight, out of mind. 

  • The teachers mat will usually be sideways at the front of the class and your mat will be lengthways facing the teacher. Follow suit. 

  • Look at what props the teacher has out on their mat. If they have a block and a strap, get a block and a strap.

  • If you're injured let the teacher know as they will give you modifications throughout the class. 

  • Physical adjustments or assists can be a great teaching tool and they can help you in a number of ways. But not everyone wants to be adjusted when they come to class. We respect your choice. Speak to your teacher to let them know or place a consent card face up at the top of your mat, and we won't assist you. 


During class:

  • Listen to your body when you practice. Everyone is different and everyone has good and bad days. Yoga is not about competition and pushing yourself beyond your limits, so take a rest when you need. Child’s pose or downward dog are good resting poses.

  • Make sure you go to a level 0 or 1 class. If you accidentally attend a level 1/2 or 2 class on your first day... erm… well, there’s nothing like being thrown in at the deep end.

  • Don't be put off my all the flexy and abnormally bendy people in the room. They have been practising a long time. Even advanced people like to go to beginner classes every once in a while. Just listen to the teacher and follow their cues.

  • The teacher may touch you during class. It's called an assist. It doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong, they are just getting you deeper into the pose and changing your body position so you don’t get injured. 

  • Finally, enjoy it. Although I think everyone should do yoga because it's amazing for you mind and body, I'm also a firm believer of only doing what you enjoy. It's not for everyone. 

After class:

  • Use the spray and cloth provided to wipe your yoga mats from top to bottom.

  • Place your yoga mat and any props you used, back where you got them from.

  • If you have any questions after class, don’t be scared to chat to your teacher. We’re always here to help you.